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  17. I watched this once, when I was 10 in 1965. And now, just as then, this is still not a favorite Christmas special. Who in their right mind would think inclement weather would cancel Christmas? I know Sears, WalMart, Macy’s and every other big store would NEVER let that happen. Cancel Christmas?? Unthinkable!! Totally ridiculous supposition.

  18. November 1, 2012  11:38 am by After having some first hand experience with AC, NFS and SFxT, I can easily say all of them are dope =P Also been playing Rayman and Mortal Kombat, which are great too. Only thing with SFxT is that some of the DLC costume I bought on PS3 haven’t transfered over, apparently Capcom are working on fixing it.

  19. kritt11 Chris- he garnered the votes in Fla that would have changed the election. Gore lost the state by a couple of hundred votes.And I won't take it back, because I'm sure Nader realized that Gore would have won without his candidacy. He has great ideas, but this is the wrong venue. I'm not critiquing his goals, but his tactics have achieved the opposite of what he's striving for. He bears some responsibility for being the spoiler.

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  68. Rogers was the one who fucked up, but she'll never be held responsible. A couple of low-level SecServ guys will lose their careers, but the dc diva won't ever feel any blowback. It was her job to see that crap like that didn't happen. The SS guys are about bombs and guns and shit like that. Rogers was busy being IN the party to care about her job…

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  71. Cody, how do you equate BG not visiting a high school with BG not treating people like a human being? If that’s your example then I just hope you’re not a lawyer.And get your facts straight regarding Larry Davis. Davis committed to NC State and their coach was fired. Davis then started looking at other schools, including SHU.

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  75. Thanks for the in-depth reporting. I agree that the ACC must go to 16 teams very soon and if BC has the opportunity to jump to the BIG TEN….I would do it. As I mentioned to you about a month ago, I believe the college football fans in Mass. have more interest in watching OSU…..MICH…..MSU…..than FSU & Clemson. Have a good Turkey Day.

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